Soho / Duplex

Coming home to Centrus SoHo always brings a sense of peace. Located in one of the two 24-storey towers located above Centrus Walk, your suite is ultra-modern, designed to blend your home and office seamlessly.

Centrus Boulevard

Colourful inspirations in the piazza. The lively and vibrant Centrus Boulevard draws you like a magnet.

Centrus Parade

Aptly named Centrus Parade, it has a 36-foot wide pedestrian street fronting the shops.

Centrus Mall

Shopaholics rejoice! Centrus Mall is one place you can't miss at CBD Perdana 3.

Centrus Arena

Arrival hub with an open-air circular amphitheater, enchanting interactive fountain, sculpture displays and refreshing touches of greenery.

Centrus Walk

Linked to Centrus Boulevard by a broad walkway and lined with plants and benches, Centrus Walk forms the artery for two blocks of 31/2- and 4-storey shop-offices.